Member Churches

East Smethport United Christian Church

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Pleasantville Community Church

The Pleasantville Community Church, near Titusville, PA was founded by Rev. Jim Nelson and a group of believers who objected to the 1968 merger of the EUB and Methodists. The church is pastored by former Associate pastor Rev. Shawn Jacobson.

Coryville Church of Faith

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Rixford Evangelical Church

United Brethren/Evangelical United Brethren Church located near Bradford, PA. It formed in 1878 and withdrew in 1970 from the merger of the EUB an Methodists. Rev. Dr. Norm Cox is establishing a lengthy pastorate at the church, like one of its prominent former pastors Rev. Cecil Ross.

Wrightsville Community Church

The Wrightsville Community Church, west of Warren, PA, has been involved with the Association for many years but in September 2007 became members. The church is pastored by Rev. Ken Morris.

Other Churches

The Association organizes an annual slate of ministry events to renew and refresh the faith of God's people. These events are often attended by churches other than member churches. At one of our recent ministry events 13 churches were represented.