Wikipedia Page on the Former Christian Holiness Partnership

The Association was a member of the Christian Holiness Partnership for several years, sending delegates to its Administrative Council.

Wikipedia Page on the Former Christian Holiness Partnership

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The Christian Holiness Partnership was an international organization of individuals, and organizational and denominational affiliates within the holiness movement. It was founded in 1867 as the National Camp Meeting Association for Christian Holiness, later changing its name to the National Holiness Association, then Christian Holiness Association, by which it was known until 1997, when its current name was adopted. Its stated purpose was to promote "the message of scriptural holiness" primarily through evangelistic camp meetings.

The Christian Holiness Partnership facilitated cooperative efforts among denominations, camp meetings, institutions such as colleges, seminaries, missionary agencies, publishing houses, and individuals.

As of 2005, affiliated Protestant churches and organizations included:

American Rescue Workers
The Association of Evangelical Churches, Inc.
Association of Independent Methodists
Bible Holiness Movement
Brethren in Christ Church
Churches of Christ in Christian Union
Church of God (Anderson)
Congregational Methodist Church
Evangelical Christian Church
Evangelical Church of North America
Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region
Evangelical Methodist Church
Free Methodist Church
Japan Immanuel General Mission
Missionary Church (North Central District)
Church of the Nazarene
Primitive Methodist Church
The Salvation Army (USA)
The Salvation Army (Canada & Bermuda)
Wesleyan Church
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