Our Future

The future of the Association has come into new focus as Chairman, Rev. Allen Young, elected to a four year term in September of 2006, rallies the Association.

In his first meeting with the Executive Board he presented his vision, plans, and goals and noted how these would be possible thanks to the groundwork of former Chairmen Evans Mitchell, Gary Lyons, and Jim Nelson. He stressed however, that the future he saw could only be realized if some structural elements were shored up first.

The elements he presented were:

a. The clarifying of the Association's identity and unique ministry for Christ

b. The pursuing of efforts to unify the member churches into a more cohesive group

c. The summarizing of Association policies, positions, and procedures into professionally printed materials

d. The development and maintenance of a website

e. The reforming of the Ministry training program to include more institutional and online study courses

f. The creation of a charitable gift program for funding the AEC apart from churches' donations and event registrations.

It was his hope to see this realized in the first two years of his four year tenure so that in the last two years he could properly and informatively present the Association to "lonely, independent, evangelical churches" with ministries that will strengthen and bless them; And also to attract men and women who desire to serve God with an umbrella of validation and ordination from an evangelical organization.